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HAC Saddlebag Supports E-Series XVS125 XVS250 XVS1100 XVS1100 Classic XVZ1300 XV1600 XV1700 VN2000

Saddlebag supports ensure that the bags are secured and do not go into your rear wheel additionally we do saddlebag clips that stop bags moving up and down and back and forwards perfect for Zip off bags ! Mike 01773835666

Complete set of Saddlebag Supports, including all necessary mounting materials.  Composed of steel with chrome finishing.  The supplied saddlebag supports are mounted on existing mounting points on the bike.

Yamaha XVS125 XVS250 XVS1100  XVS1100 Classic XVZ1300 XV1600 XV1700 VN2000

Saddlebag Supports  for later models see other products essential for your safety prevents your bags weraing on inside and going into the rear wheel , plus bags can be tied to them to prevent flapping around and see our saddleba clips too-that bolt to the bags to prevent any movement - no more bags melting on your exhaust!! Our supports are generally made in US  or Europe  ensuring we  keep jobs and industry is supported - they may be cheaper in far east but as you know chrome and  warranty often not as good or quality- call 01773835666 for advice on suitable bags foryour bike on 01773835666 or email  thanks-Mike

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