Motorcycle Lifts and Workshop Tools

Motorcycle Lifts ramps and hydraulic lifts and Workshop Tools

Motorcycle Bike lifts are invaluble for hoisting unfaired motorcycles including choppers and
cruisers, MX bikes and ATV’s. for tyre changiong servicing or in winter just to take weight off the suspension!

Perfect for cleaning, servicing and adding accessories.

We have a range of lifts to suit different bikes and ATV's, they vary in minmum height and maximum height and also maximum weight capacity.



Motorcycle Hydraulic Lift the Super Lift from Custom Cruisers


Motorcycle Battery 12Volt 12AH 550 Cranking amps!!


Megalift Bike Lift Including wheels Motorcycle Lift Hydraulic Bike Ramp Jack


Motorcycle Pro Lift from Custom Cruisers

Now Only

Mac Macsimizer Ultimate tool box Roll Cab and Top Box


Wheel Kit for Superlift and Pro lift Bike Lift


Frame Adaptors For Motorcycle Lifts


Mini Lift Motorcycle scissor jack from Custom Cruisers


Motorcycle Moto Cross Lift from Custom Cruisers


Super moto X Cross Lift from Custom Cruisers


Easy Lift Bike Lift


Crescent 195 piece Tool kit Professional automotive and motorbike tool kit


Torco SGO Synthetic Racing Gear Oil 75W-90 1 Litre


Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock with Alarm Chrome steel SUPER LOUD


The Harley Davidson motorcycle Cruz H2 Toolkit for Roadside use


Motorcycle Chrome motorcycle Trim Protector 20 foot


Biker Gloves - Engineers Gloves


Optimate 4 Battery Charger and Optimiser


Torco V-Series SS Motor Oil 20w50 1 Litre


Torco T-4R 4-stroke Motorcycle Oil 10W40 Synthetic Blend 1 litre


Rocket III Adaptor for Superlift


Chrome Tax Disc Holder Aluminium smoothness


Motorcycle Universal Exhaust Baffles


Build A Kit Bike motorcycle Chopper building guide - How to-


Motorcycle Cover - Cycle Sac