Harley Davidson Mobil 1 engine oil V-Twin 20W-50 Oil

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Harley Davidson Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 Oil the ULTIMATE  V Twin oil - will not breakl down due to heat- as used by S&S  on all there engines- buy the BEST!! use in primary case too!

Sorry nla  see our Drag specs fully synthetic oil made by Spectro who now make for S&S cycle top performance motors!

Harley Davidson Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 Oil remeber OIL is CHEAPER THAN BEARINGS!!!! I should know-!! blew my gl;ide up in Austria using an inferior brand as could not get any synthetic!  over £2000 later ! Not cheap and 13 hour trip in Iveco daily back to port!! dont go there!! USE IN PRIMARY CASE  on big twins S&S too-

Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 synthetic motorcycle oil is formulated to help offer outstanding protection in 4-cycle, V-Twin type engines, particularly those which are air cooled and tend to run hotter than other types of engines.

The unique, synthetic structure of the Mobil 1 motorcycle oil formulations enables them to offer advantages beyond conventional motorcycle oils of similar viscosities. For example, base oils become lighter in viscosity as temperature increase. This characteristic forces manufacturers of oils to use thickeners which will help the oil maintain its viscosity as the temperature increases. These thickeners, however, can shear down and lose their thickening capacity in an operating engine or transmission. Synthetic fluids do not require as much thickener to achieve a multigrade viscosity rating and, in some cases, do not require any thickener.  As a result, synthetic formulations tend to be very shear stable and thus, provide a solid, protective oil film for engine bearings, piston rings, transmission gears and other critical engine parts.

Both Mobil 1 motorcycle oil formulations offer excellent flow characteristics at low temperatures to help reduce engine wear at start-up, and provide outstanding resistance to oxidation and/or volatilization at high temperatures, both of which degrade the oil. Further, Mobil 1 motorcycle oils help provide outstanding protection against engine wear under high-temperature and high engine speed conditions. Each of the Mobil 1 motorcycle oil formulations has been optimized to help meet the unique performance characteristics demanded by motorcycle engines and thus, provide an extremely high level of performance and protection for motorcycle engines.


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