Harley Davidson Typhoon air filter kit Big Twin Typhoon Tornado Air Kit

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Harley Davidson Typhoon air filter kit Harley Big Twin Performance air filter kit with piston engine breather kit

Harley Davidson Typhoon performance air filter kit Harley Typhoon Tornado Air Kit Adds masses of power and stunning looks with this new Air kit comes with single air filter adaptor plus custom piston engine breather kit plus all mounting gaskets and  fittings adds good performance we recomend a Cobra FI200R or MSD fuel processor with this kit to increase your acceleration AND  top end speed! plus our Cobra exhausts and Jardine with  Lambda sensor bosses - as only offered by Us - this ensures no holed pistons or broken wallets!  call Mike 01773835666 for any more info
Suzuki VZR1800 M1800R  typhonn air filter kit looks great and really works!  chromed ally with all mounting kits you need  and gaskets adds great looks and performnace  we reocomend  Cobra jardine or  Samson aftermarket  exhausts with built in Lambda sensors to ensure no engine damage  available directly from us - we  put in the relavent bosses to ensure you bike runs properly avoiding costly  engine / valve damage -call 01773835666 for further details-

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