Suzuki VZ1600 M95 Cobra Fi2000 Fuel Processor

Cobra USA
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Suzuki VZ1600 M95 Cobra Fi2000 Fuel Processor easy to program with screwdriver! adds bhp and  better MPG too- works great with aftermarket exhaust and air cleaner

Suzuki VZ1600 M95 Cobra Fi2000 Fuel Processor  Fi2000 improves your bike's overall rideability by solving lean air fuel mixtures. And it retains its simple installation with color-coded, pre-crimped wires/connectors and its easy-to-follow instructions. The Fi2000 is a modern day miracle in the world of fuel-injected motorcycles - and a testament to Cobra's mantra that Anything's Possible.


  • Installs in minutes
  • Fool-proof technology
  • Advanced tuning option with third pot
  • Plug-N-Go Fuel-Injection tuner
  • No computer downloads needed
  • Dramatically improves rideability

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Cobra PwrPro and FI200r Differences Cobra USA produce an awesome tuning device we have used for years- Cobra fuel processor differences Fi2000r and PWR PRO. Shown CL 92-1845 this Fuel tuner processor is manually adjusted whereas the. Larger PWRPRO. Is fully auto tuning module plugs straight into original wiring no splicing or cutting- runs great sold hundreds ! with Fi2000r traffic light system allows you to get it perfect if incorrect just pull into layby adjust with small screwdriver till green! the later FI2000R-CL is a closed loop system that gives more accurate feedback from the exhaust mountwed oxygen senssors too- for bikes equipped with Lambda O2 sensors only that simple to aset up and adjust if ever any changes are made- !  no dyno needed do it live- !! saves a fortune and sadjust to any mods you make any questions call mike 01773835666 Custom Cruisers UK