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Harley Davidson T124 99-2006 all Models Replacement Twin Cam T124 Engine From S&S Cycles In black Chrome

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Harley-Davidson T124 S&S 99-2006  Twin Cam  Motor engine Euro 3 ! replacement   Touring Models or softail or  dynas too ! performance Twin Cam T124 Engine 310-0512 Bargain Motor Upgrade  ! S&S Harley Davidson 124 cubic inch almost 2.1 litres!Euro approved was £10,199  ! full EEC approval awesome stump pulling power and hotrsepower too! super reliable warranty gear drive cams sell yout twin cam motor before it goes!

Ultra performance race engine T124 Motor FAR more BHP and Torque than  the stock motor with warranty too!buy the best!Euro 3 legal motor! TUV fitting service available .

Euro 3 S&S T124 motor Bargain Motor Upgrade  !save 30% !  S&S Harley Davidson 124 cubic inch almost 2.1 litres!Euro approved was £10,199  ! full EEC approval awesome stump pulling power and horsepower too! super reliable warranty gear drive cams sell yout twin cam motor before it goes! one only £7499 INC Vat! fitting service avilable too! call Mike 01773835666

Harley Davidson S&S motor sale one only! Euro 3 replacement  99-2006 softail dyna touring  Models Replacement 585 Twin Cam T124 motor Engine From S&S Cycles In Black with chrome covers  - ONE only save almost £2499!

Bargain Motor Upgrade  ! S&S Harley Davidson 124 cubic inch almost 2.1 litres!Euro approved was £10,199  ! full EEC approval awesome stump pulling power and hotrsepower too! super reliable warranty gear drive cams sell yout twin cam motor before it goes! THIS IS FOR TWIN CAM 99-2006 direct replacement for Magnetti Marelli we do a Carb conversion for 99-01 models too with ignition too! YOU KNOW YOU NEED THIS ! dont buy a new M8 buy this upgrade the bike you know and Love without all the modern emmisions crap and electronics cam chains heads made in India etc! we also do a 250 rear end kit for bikes too- so dont buy a breakout buy our conversion WAY cheaper and Cooler be different not like every other HD owner! call Mike at Custom Cruisers UK 01773835666

Displacement - 124"    Bore - 4 1/8"    Stroke - 4 5/8"    Cam - 585    Piston Type - S&S Forged Dished 11cc

Compression Ratio - 9.5


This motor comes full up top 3 year warranty! great releibility no cam chains to destroy motor plus legendary S&S performance too- ECE approved 2.1 Tyranosaurus of a motor! Mike will also fot evo's with our Plate motor adaptor ! call for details 01773835666
The 124 cubic inch T124 low compression Long Block engine fits 1999-'06 HD big twins except 2006 Dyna models. Long Block engines do not include a fuel or ignition system, so they can be used for either carbureted or EFI applications. If you already have a performance ignition, larger carburetor or a larger throttle body and EFI tuner, they can be used with this engine. The cylinder heads are specially machined to compensate for the longer cylinders so a stock length manifold or throttle body will fit perfectly, and the cylinder head breathers are compatible air cleaners designed for a stock engine. Stock non programable engine management systems should not be used because they are not designed for an engine this large. Engine features 4-5/8" stroke X 4-1/8" bore at 10.2:1 compression, S&S 585 gear drive Easy Start cams, S&S TC3 cam plate and oil pump, and black wrinkle powder coat finish that matches stock engine components. This engine has slightly less compression than our high performance T124 engine, making it more tolerent of variations in fuel quality, and a better choice for heavier vehicles. Two year warranty.
Cylinder heads on T-Series long block engines are 1999-’05 style. Owners of 2006 models will need to purchase a set of 1999-’05 style, offset intake flanges such as S&S #106-3516. Cylinder heads on these engines are specially machined to compensate for the non-stock cylinder length. As a result, they are compatible with manifolds and throttle bodies with stock length intake runners. In addition, the breather vent bolt locations have been adjusted so they are in the stock location, so stock style air cleaner back plates will bolt up to these engines. 1999-’01 EFI engines equipped with Magneti Marelli® fuel injection will require a performance tuning module such as the DynoJet® Power Commander® 3 or S&S VFI module. The stock dual-bore EFI throttle body is not adequate for T111 or T124 engines. The S&S 58mm EFI single bore throttle body is highly recommended to achieve maximum performance. 2002-’06 EFI engines equipped with Delphi® fuel injection will require a performance tuner such as the DynoJet Power Vision® tuner, Harley-Davidson® Race Tuner, or S&S VFI module. The stock single bore throttle body can not supply adequate air for these large displacement engines. An S&S 58mm throttle body is highly recommended for maximum performance. Carbureted engines will require a performance ignition module that allows adjustments to the advance curves. The stock ignition module is not adjustable, and use of the stock module will likely result in engine damage due to knock from incorrect ignition timing. Performance carburetors are recommended to achieve maximum performance. S&S Super E carbs are ideal for T111 engines in touring applications, but a Super G will produce more top end horsepower. S&S Super G carbs are recommended for T111 engines in performance applications, and for T124 engines in all applications. Not legal for sale or use on CA or EPA pollution controlled motorcycles.
 How S&S Cycles started: What started as a passion for speed, grew into the best known company name in the V-Twin high performance aftermarket. George J. Smith had to build his own parts to make his motorcycle faster. Now the company he founded manufactures the most prestigious line of "go fast" v-twin engine parts in the world. The company was started in the basement of his home in Blue Island IL in 1958, and moved to Viola, WI in 1969. In 2004 an additional facility was opened in La Crosse, WI.
S&S Harley Davidson Motors TUV ECE euro 3 approved replacement motors Twin Cam 1999-2006 The S&S T124 is a two-cam design engine that meets the current EURO III noise and exhaust emission standards and is certified for use in 2002-2006 Harley-Davidson Baggers Softails and Dynas or can be retro fitted into an EVO or shovelhead bike too with our special adaptor kit and ignition kit although offially 1999-2006 Harley Davidson motorcycle  series models. Engines feature S&S gear driven cams, gear driven oil pump and reed valve breather system. They come complete with the S&S Variable Fuel Injection (VFI) system, closed loop air/fuel ratio control, single bore throttle body, Teardrop air cleaner, and the necessary TÜV documentation for the engine. Installation of the engine will require adding oxygen sensors to the stock header pipes and the use of stock 2007 mufflers to meet EURO III emissions. Installation on a motorcycle that was originally equipped with a carburetor requires the purchase of an OEM wiring harness for the same year EFI equipped model. Installation on 1999-2001 Touring requires conversion to a Delphi-style fuel tank & wiring harness. which we can also do or convert FOC to Carburettor system, as well- fitting costs extra of course .

Bore 4 1/8" (104.8mm), Stroke 4 5/8" (117.5mm), Displacement 124 CI (2,032 cc), Compression Ratio 9.5:1.