National Cycle Hand Deflectors Kawasaki VN2000 04 -Up

National Cycle USA
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National Cycle Hand Deflectors Kawasaki VN2000 04 -Up

Don't put up with cold or wet hands, National Cycle's strong acrylic Hand Deflectors protect your Hand from the weather and wind chill effects.
Hand Deflectors are an easy-to-install solution for keeping your hands warm and dry. Coupled with a windshield, hand deflectors protect the rider from wind and rain. These deflectors make a windshield function like a fairing. Deflectors allow plenty of room for lever movements, even when wearing winter gloves. 
Deflectors are secured to the mounting point of your mirrors. Mirror insert mounting hardware provided. High strength steel hardware supports High Impact Acrylic hand deflectors.

Width: 9.75 in. (24.7cm) Height: 5.75 in. (14.6cm)

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