Corbin Passenger Pillion seat, Yamaha Roadliner

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Corbin Passenger Pillion seat, Yamaha Roadliner

Passenger pillion pad also comes with brackets preinstalled and ready to mount. Just slide the saddle into place rear first to engage the fender bracket. Lower the front of the saddle and secure with the included bolts.

Both the Solos and Pillion accept a Corbin removable backrest for added support. In the solo seat, you get a total of 16 inches of vertical support with #02-S backrest installed (shown). Corbin backrests are sculpted to fit the shape of your back and provide the maximum contact patch. Naturally they are fully adjustable to provide a tailored fit to your posture. Installation and adjustment is simple so you can use a single backrest transferred front to back as needed or order two for full time use.

All Corbin saddles are designed with what we call "Ergonomic Shaping". This means the saddle's seating area is shaped to fit the curve of your body and provide proper weight distribution. This also gives more square inches of body contact to help eliminate hot spots and centralized pressure. Neutralized platforms help to curb sliding in the saddle and reduce rider fatigue.

Passenger Pillion: 11" wide x 12.5" long

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