Yamaha XV1700 Wildstar Roadstar Peacemaker Exhausts Slash Cut

National Cycle USA
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Yamaha XV1700 Wildstar Roadstar Peacemaker Exhausts Slash Cut LEGAL or NOT!! National Cycle N41301 The REAL Answer !

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 Amazing National Cycle Peacemaker exhausts ELECTRIC BAFFLES allow from 84-95 DB at flick of a switch great fun when Police hear you- leave them BAFFLED - discontinued product grab a bargain!!
Yamaha XV1700 Wildstar Roadstar Peacemaker Exhausts Slash Cut LEGAL or NOT!! National Cycle N41301 Like an exhaust that looks good, gives you great sound and power, but fed up with moaning neighbours everytime you start up up your bike !!, then PEACEMAKERS are your answer.

Watch the video! Peacemakers shown here fitted to a Yamaha wildstar

Peacemaker Exhaust diverter valves can be used in fully open position giving maximum power and sound, fully closed for a quiet, but same power as the stock exhaust. Or, as most riders do, can be adjusted to somewhere in between to give a great sound, combined with a power increase.
Peacemaker control
The Handlebar Mounted Actuatuor Switch makes the control very easy to use whilst driving.
The patented small chrome Actuator Motor, mounted discreetly to the right front frame tube, receives the signal from the handlebar switch and opens/shuts the Diverter Valves via heavy duty cables
Actuator motor

Peacemakers dB Chart


HP Chart

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Legal or Not exhausts YOU DECIDE!  85-96 db !

Imagine being able to start up your v-twin for an early morning ride without angering your neighbors. Imagine a deep, powerful exhaust note without cringing whenever you pass a police officer or school zone. National Cycle's Peacemakers® Exhausts make those dreams a reality! With National Cycle's Diverter Valve technology, Peacemakers Exhausts enables you to have the sound you want, when you want it -- while you ride! Be wild and enjoy the powerful rumble locked inside your v-twin, but then flip the switch to tone it down when needed. Peacemakers Exhausts are available for most late-model Harley-Davidson® and metric cruisers.
National Cycle Peacemakers exhaust ELECTRIC Baffles legal or not !

Peacemaker ELECTRIC baffle exhaust muflers!Shown on sportster here !

This great innovative exhaust sytem, has a silencer with a diverter valve, the exhaust gas is diverted through the baffles, giving a quiet purr and normal power, somewhere in between, up to straight through, (i.e no baffles) giving you maximum power and a sound to die for!.
The diverter valve is activated by a switch mounted on your handlebars, this controls a small actuator motor that is mounted discreetly on the bike.
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