Cobra fi2000 Tri Pot fuel processor mixture adjuster

Cobra USA
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Kawasaki VN2000  Cobra fi2000 Fuel Processor Tri Pot for  Kawasaki VN2000 plus many more- check fitment for your bike-  easy to adjjust on the fly- call for details- just velcros on tank  and find a large hill ! Dead easy- no rolling r

Kawasaki VN2000 Cobra fi2000 fuel processor  mixture adjuster  Tri Pot New and Improved for 2004. The tiny COBRA Fi2000 digital fuel processor makes fuel-injected motorcycles tuneable with no computer downloads or remapping required. Each unit arrives preset for your particular motorcycle. Now with an added a third tuning pot to allow more adjustability for engines with significant performance modifications. This new model has a sleek, updated case design for its waterproof circuit board. The Fi2000 improves your bike's overall rideability by solving lean air/fuel mixtures. It has simple installation with color-coded, pre-crimped wires/connectors and easy-to-follow instructions.

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Cobra PwrPro and FI200r Differences Cobra USA produce an awesome tuning device we have used for years- Cobra fuel processor differences Fi2000r and PWR PRO. Shown CL 92-1845 this Fuel tuner processor is manually adjusted whereas the. Larger PWRPRO. Is fully auto tuning module plugs straight into original wiring no splicing or cutting- runs great sold hundreds ! with Fi2000r traffic light system allows you to get it perfect if incorrect just pull into layby adjust with small screwdriver till green! the later FI2000R-CL is a closed loop system that gives more accurate feedback from the exhaust mountwed oxygen senssors too- for bikes equipped with Lambda O2 sensors only that simple to aset up and adjust if ever any changes are made- !  no dyno needed do it live- !! saves a fortune and sadjust to any mods you make any questions call mike 01773835666 Custom Cruisers UK