Mustang Seat Harley Davidson Sportster- One-Piece Vintage Wide Regal Style Seat

Mustang Seats
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Mustang One-Piece Vintage Wide Regal Style Seat

One-Piece Vintage Wide Regal Style Seat for Harley Davidson Sportster 1979-2003
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Mustang's Super Touring Seats for Sportsters are available in three styles. Each style features a wide driver seat that is deeply pocketed and provides ample back support. The rear seat also extends forward over the driver's seat to give additional back support. The passenger seat is a full bucket that provides plenty of lateral support. Seats are internally supported by steel wings, shaped like a small police solo. The one-piece carpeted steel baseplate mounts just like stock.


Soft pillow styling tufted with covered buttons


Front Width - 15.5"
Rear Width - 12.5"

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