kawasaki VN800 Drifter passing lamp kit spot passing lamp kit renegade

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Kawasaki Drifter VN800  passing light kit bika 0506 passing spotlamps spot lights VN800C light-bar spot lamp kit with bar Special Offer Last few  ALSO in BLACK-ask

Kawasaki Drifter VN1500J passing light kit bika0506 light-bar also fits VN800 Drifter spot lamp kit renegade  Light Bars are not only practical, they make a good looking for cruisers.   Made from Steel, high-strength material which will not fatigue with weight bearing and high-stress loads. Finished in Renegade quality bright chrome.  No-hassle installation. All mounting hardware is provided.

This light bar enables you to have additional running lights on your cruiser.
Twin Lights with Halogen bulbs , see more and increase your visibilty to others.

E Mark Approved

kawasaki VN1500 Drifter passing lamp kit,VN1500 Drifter spot lamp kit renegade  Renegade Motorcycle passing lights greatly increase you visibilty to other road users whilst greatly lighting up  the vital areas at night around youbike great on dimly lit country lanes!see our pre- wired relay kits plus our spotlamp visors for passing lamps or spot lamp peaks as some call them. Gives your bike a far more noticeable stance on the rpod and looks great too-

Motorcycle Accessories from Custom Cruisers Ltd.

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