Battery Tender LCD Battery Meter QDC Plug

Battery Tender
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Battery Tender LCD Battery Meter QDC Plug BCHTEN09

Battery Tender LCD Battery Meter QDC Plug BCHTEN09

Designed for use on 12V Flooded, AGM and Gel batteries.

Key Features:

  • Displays battery voltage
  • Range is 3 to 16V
  • Resolution is +/- 0.1V
  • LED status indicators
    1. GREEN: Battery charge
    2. YELLOW: Battery is low
    3. RED: Battery is discharged

    • Battery tender Battery Intelligent chargers and accessories

      Battery tender Battery Intelligent  chargers and accessories  feature Revolutionary microprocessor. Controlled multi-step charging designed for all 12 volt lead acid batteries, sealed lead acid, AGM, flooded, and Gel Advanced constant current / constant voltage charges faster than any other charger in this class. New international voltage input range 100 to 240 volts AC @ 50/60 Hz. Sound chip simulates V-Twin engine on start-up. Reverse polarity protection. SuperSmart technology Come with croc clips and bike charging leads extra leads available I even use to charge my Mercedes Sprinter with 4 25 ft leads! as fully waterproof ! see our USB Cigar lighters lead lights battery checkers and lots more plug in accessories from Battery tender too!

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