Yamaha XV950 R bolt Fuelpak XV950 R Vance Hines 65021

Vance and Hines
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Yamaha XV950R bolt Fuelpak XV950 R Vance Hines 65021 fuel programmer processor   Plug and ride tuning your fuel-injected cruiser. with OEM connectors

Yamaha XV950R bolt Fuelpak  XV950 R Vance Hines 65021 fuel programmer processor takes the worry out of tuning your fuel-injected cruiser.
  • Duplicate OEM Connectors for Easy Installation
  • Simple Push Button Interface for Map Data Input
  • Continually Growing Database of Map Configurations
  • Designed and Manufactured Entirely In-House

    Yamaha XV950- R Bolt Fuelpak is the most straightforward and cost-effective fuel management solution for the Yamaha Bolt. Plug and ride with OEM connectors Current motorcycle engines utilizing oxygen sensors and closed loop technology have very lean air/fuel mixture settings from the factory. These settings can limit power and make the engines run hotter than earlier model-year units. The Fi2000R O2 digital fuel processor is designed to work with all exhaust systems (stock or aftermarket) equipped with oxygen sensors in place. It accurately adjusts the fuel-injected engine's air/fuel ratio in order for it to run properly.

  • Yamaha XV950R bolt Fuelpak XV950 R Vance Hines 65021 fuel programmer processor  allows  programming of your fuel system, wia sim ple push button interface you just down load  settings off web  when filling in questionaire and the website will tell you what settings to use-  simple plug  and play into main loom-  add a new airfilter opr exhaust and remap to your hearts conmtent - call 01773835666 or email sales@customcruisers.com  


    Yamaha Bolt XV950R
    XV950R Bolt Cobra FI2000R Fuel Processors
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    Cobra FI2000R Fuel Processors


    Cobra FI2000R Fuel Processors  advantages

    Ever tune a carburetor?

    Think of this product as a jet kit for fuel injected motorcycles. But a really smart jet kit. And it is much more precise than any jet could ever could be.

    Can I adjust it?

    Yes. Though it comes preset for brand and model, should you need to make an adjustment it has three pots that you can adjust.

    What are the pots and what do they do?

    The first pot functions just like the air/mixture screw on a carburetor. The middle pot functions like the needle and clip, and the third pot is equivalent to the main jet.