Kawasaki W650 Windscreen Street Shield EX Light Tint

National Cycle USA
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Kawasaki W650 Windscreen Street Shield windshield EX Light Tint National Cycle N2568

Kawasaki W650 Windscreen Street Shield EX Light Tint National Cycle N2568

National Cycle Windscreen Street Windshield EX Light Tint You asked for it! By popular request, we have a Quick Release version of the ever popular Street Shield. This Shield is slightly taller and wider than the regular Street Shield, and it also comes with our QuickSet quick release hardware.

Material: ACRYLIC -- Includes brand names such as ICI Lucite, Acrylite. Acrylic is known for crystal clarity that stands the test of time with UV stabilization that prevents yellowing. Many years ago, during the development of the clear fairing, National Cycle found that ordinary drill mounting methods caused stress cracks and eventual breakage of acrylic shields. That's why we developed and use our patented No-Hole Ballsocket system on all of our acrylic products.

Hardware: QuickSet Hardware -- This patented mounting system is designed for durability, ease of installation, and hassle-free removal. Permits 10-second windshield removal, and fairing removal in under 1 minute. The QuickSet mounts incorporates our No-Hole Ballsocket system.

1.0 in. (25mm) QuickSet Mounting System

Height: 18.00 in. (45.8cm)
Width: 19.25 in. (48.9cm)

Motorcycle Accessories from Custom Cruisers Ltd.

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