Yamaha XVS1300 Crashbars Cobra Fatty Freeway Bars

Cobra USA
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Yamaha XVS1300 Crashbars Fatty Freeway Bars Cobra 01-2245

Yamaha XVS1300 Crashbars Fatty Freeway Bars Cobra 01-2245

Introducing the new Fatty Freeway Bars exclusively from Cobra, designed to handle today's larger motorcycles. Because the latest generation cruisers are larger than ever before--longer, taller, heavier, with larger displacement engines - we've added a beefed up companion to our standard Freeway Bars. With larger 1-1/2 diameter steel tubing, our new Fatty Bars are stronger, and with their larger tubing, they present a better proportional fit on the larger machines. Works with all Cobra lightbars, floorboards and other accessories. Yamaha XVS1300 Crashbars Cobra Fatty Freeway Bars Motorcycle Accessory

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