Harley Davidson FLHT Electra Glide Bike lifts and Maintenance

Here are  Harley Compatible plus Genuine products for servicing your your Harley Davidson motorcycle .
 Custom Cruisers recomend and  use Torco US Made top quality oils as many drag racers have found they do not break down like conventional oils if you use synthetic- or lose their viscosity under extreme heat with no black sludge problems- ending your engine life ! having had a cheaper  brand in  plus degrees break down blowing the big ends on my bike-and getting recovered from Austria plus huge expense of motor rebuild of a SPUTHE  motor -  NEVER again will i use anything else Mike

The Harley Davidson motorcycle Cruz H2 Toolkit for Roadside use


Harley Davidson Sprocket shaft nut tool

Now Only

WAGNER Vehicle motorcycle fuel gas Tank sealing kit FULL repair Kit

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WAGNER Bactofin ethanol fuel stabiliser petrol Gasoline Additive - Fuel cleaner too!


Harley Davidson Super Premium 5 Chrome Oil Filter


Harley Davidson Mobil 1 engine oil V-Twin 20W-50 Oil


Harley Davidson Super Premium 5 Black Oil Filter


Torco V-Series SS Motor Oil 20w50 1 Litre


Megalift Bike Lift Including wheels Motorcycle Lift Hydraulic Bike Ramp Jack


Torco SGO Synthetic Racing Gear Oil 75W-90 1 Litre


Torco T-4R 4-stroke Motorcycle Oil 10W40 Synthetic Blend 1 litre


Wheel Kit for Superlift and Pro lift Bike Lift


Mini Lift Motorcycle scissor jack from Custom Cruisers


Super moto X Cross Lift from Custom Cruisers


Easy Lift Bike Lift


Motorcycle Pro Lift from Custom Cruisers


Motorcycle Hydraulic Lift the Super Lift from Custom Cruisers


Frame Adaptors For Motorcycle Lifts