WAGNER Bactofin Air-Tec HIGH-CLASS Octane FS1 Gasoline Additive – 250ml Fuel Stabilizer

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WAGNER Bactofin Air-Tec HIGH-CLASS Octane FS1 Gasoline Additive – 250ml Fuel Stabilizer
 Due to the increased quantity of biofuel added, water can accumulate in the tank, because alcohols are hygroscopic. Water provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast and fungi, which can cause devastating damage in the tank. As a consequence of this, fuel decomposes  when the vehicle is not used for a longer time. This means: It will not start any more.
Mixed to the fuel before a longer time of non-use (e.g. winter break), Bactofin will avoid this so-called “tipping over” and keep petrol stableand help stop rustong of your fuel tank due to water seperation in the ethanol part of the fuel!

WAGNER ethanol fuel  Bactofin Fuel StabilizerStops modern e10 (10% ethanol but they tell you like they have to in Europe!! )  based (supermarket fuel )and most others too "going off "  and blocking all passages in carb and injection systems and stops water coming out of solution on ethanol fuels and rusting fuel tanks
• Bactofin’s time tested formula is designed to greatly improve the stability of petrol and optimize it for combustion.
• Oxidation stabilizers keep the fuel from ageing prematurely - even after extended down times such as the winter or summer break
• The anti-corrosion additives integrated in Bactofin keep rust and oxidation from forming in the fuel system
• Octane levels are optimized and fuel combustion improved, reducing engine noise
• Surface-active ingredients not only clean and remove harmful deposits in the engine, but also prevent them from forming!
• Specialized ingredients reduce the surface tension of the fuel, allowing for better air/fuel mixing, resulting in better combustion
• Wear is reduced as Bactofin greatly increases the lubricity of the fuel, keeping your fuel system running at peak efficiency.
• Bactofin is specially designed to protect seals, hoses, gaskets, and flexible lines from deterioration, even, if the vehicle is in storage for long periods of time!

• Bactofin maximizes dependability and extends the service life of your equipment, saving you cold, hard cash in the process.
Ideal for vehicles, boats, Ag equipment,

Stabilises fuel and reduces corrosion !

WAGNER ethanol fuel  Bactofin Fuel Stabilizer

WAGNER ethanol fuel  Bactofin Fuel Stabilizer
HIGH-CLASS Octane FS1 offers the corrosion protection of a conventional additive plus it stabilizes the fuel and maintains its ignition readiness. Octane FS1 is approved for all gasoline-ethanol mixtures and has been tested in gasoline-ethanol mixtures of 5%, 10%, 15%, 50% and 85% ethanol.
High-Class Octane FS1 is a Multi-function Gasoline Additive for both 2 and 4 stroke engines, and ethanol-gasoline fuel mixtures
Provides corrosion protection, eliminates bacteria, cleans the fuel system, reduces wear, improves ignition, and increases fuel lubricity
1 bottle (250ml) treats 65 gallons of gasoline
Approved for use in both vintage and modern gasoline engines
Made In Germany