Silly Helmet Cover Horney Black Silver viking helmet motorcycle helmet cover

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Silly Helmet Cover 'Horney' Black Silver viking helmet motorcycle helmet cover

Latex rubber covers that you fit on your motorcycle helmet to make you look very different. These stick on or wrap over existing helmet scrunch up to put in your coat when not needed these really look like Pewter although rubber!! great for rallys or raping and pillaging other countries- 

Turn heads, create !*# comments & lots of smiles....and frighten old ladies, especially if worn with a skull fleece facemask and dark goggles. Or use simply to Restyle your old comfy Helmet.
Note:These covers do not give any protection, the helmet should do that!

They are designed to fit the majority of open face motorcycle helmets (including those with detachable press stud peaks) but they are also being worn by skateboarders, snowboarders, skiers, horse riders.....and even hard hat construction workers and Morgan car rally drivers in Sweden are wearing them!!

The Mk2 & Mk3 are adhered to helmet shell with either rubber inner tube repair glue or contact adhesive or a couple of male/female strips of Velcro on front edges of cover. Do not use solvent glues as it may damage the helmet paint finish or shell.

The Mk4 has 2 suction cups fitted that can be easily removed if you wish to use Mk2 or Mk3 adhesive methods.
Although described as Black, the colouring gives a Pewter metallic effect. They can also be re-sprayed but using latex aerosol paint only. These covers are a novelty accessory item only and do not provide any safety or personal protection. Made from pvc / natural latex so keep away from heat, fire or solvents." 

Sizing: Please measure external circumference of your helmet at forehead level, and choose the size from the drop down box.

"Mk2 Black Horny will fit "jet" style three quarter open face helmets with an external shell circumference of 87cm to 92cm
Mk3 Black Horny will fit "shorty" half-height open face helmets with an external shell circumference of 80cm to 84cm
Mk4 Black Horny will fit "beanie" or novelty DOT helmets with an external shell circumference of 69cm to 71cm

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