Vance & Hines Fuelpak Fuel Injection Management system

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Vance & Hines Fuelpak Fuel Injection Management system

Installing a performance exhaust system is only your first step.
Now, you need fuel management. You need Fuelpak.

Your fuel injected American V-Twin is equipped with an ECU (electronic control unit) that's programmed to deliver fuel to the motor based on an air/fuel ratio for a stock air filter and stock exhaust system. While the ECU can self-adjust for environmental factors such as temperature and altitude, it can't adjust for mechanical changes like adding performance parts. When you install a performance exhaust system, your airflow changes, so you need a fuel management system that adjusts your air/fuel ratio to match the changes. That fuel management system is Fuelpak. The perfect combination with your performance exhaust system.

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Easy To Use:-

Once Fuelpak is installed, locate your fuel map from the setting chart provided.
Next, wth the ignition turned on, enter the values for your specific map directly into Fuelpak and calibrate your TPS (throttle position sensor).
Finally, shut off the ignition, put the cover back on and you're ready to ride.

That's the beauty of Fuelpak, you don't need to use a computer or tune on a dyno because the settings you enter are the result of our extensive dyno and road testing to find the ideal fuel map for your bike.

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