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Motorcycle Custom Footrest Floorboards Kuryakyn Constellation Driver Floorboards

Motorcycle Custom Footrest Floorboards Kuryakyn Constellation Driver Floorboards

KURYAKYN Constellation Driver floorboards Kuryakyn 4457 for Japanese and Harley Davidson Bikes Add style & comfort in minutes by simply replacing your pegs ( fits SPIRIT  short Mudguards or AERO long fenders too !)
with these radically designed Constellation Boards! Mount directly to
your standard peg location & gain adjustments in almost any direction.

Choose the correct splined adapter for your desired mounting location & ride on!

Floorboard measures 10” long by 4-1/2” wide. Extends back 4-3/4” from peg mount.
Floorboards intended to fold at mounting block, not at standard footpeg mount.
Both driver & passenger locations allow infinite adjustments within a 2” horizontal section.
Floorboards rotate completely around splined adapter for optimal leg positioning.
Choose between two positions when installing floorboards in the passenger location; the lower stock peg position or raised 1-1/8 inches for those shorter-legged riders.

Importance Notice: Adjustable shift & brake linkage is suggested for driver application.

Placing these footboards on mounts intended for footpegs may prohibit them from folding up in the same manner as the stock peg.

While the board may be rotated on the mount for a comfortable foot position, some angles may cause the board to contact other components on the bike before the board is folded up completely.

Also, if the board is positioned so it will fold up as stock, the trailing end of the board may be in a position that could limit cornering clearance. Before ordering, be aware of components on the bike that may interfere with the placement of the floorboards.

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