National Cycle Street Shield Tinted -VN800/1500 Drifter

National Cycle USA
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National Cycle Street Shield Tinted -VN800/1500 Drifter

Street Shield is your shield of choice when your height or riding position requires a bit more windshield than the Deflector Screen offers. Four-point mounting with adjustable mounts. 


Made from Acrylic material Includes brand names such as ICI Lucite¨, Acrylite¨ Acrylic is known for its crystal clarity that stands the test of time with UV stabilization that prevents yellowing. Many years ago, during the development of the clear fairing, National Cycle found that ordinary drill mounting methods caused stress cracks and eventual breakage of acrylic shields. That's why we developed and use our patented No-hole Ballsocket system on all of our acrylic products. Look for the No-hole Ballsocket icon in the Hardware section.  

U Clamp - The durable steel clamp and eyebolt system comes with the patented Cup Spacer that snug the rod to prevent rotational movement. For rider and dealer choice, each kit includes both 7/8_ (22mm) and 1_ (25mm) clamps. No-hole Ballsocket System.


7/8 (22 mm) and 1 (25 mm) clamps included in each kit.  

This screen also requires a supplimentary clamp kit - see below

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