Flyscreen Tint -VN900 C Custom

National Cycle USA
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The tinted Flyscreen is a stylish item for custom cruisers, muscle bikes and performance machines. The clean, minimal appearance and chrome trim plate will enhance the look of your bike. The quality Linking Arm fork mount system with countersunk screws of

 High impact acrylic merges the crystal clarity of acrylic with an impressive impact resistance. A standardized IZOD plastic test compares standard acrylic to high impact acrylic: standard acrylic breaks at 1.5 foot pounds, while high impact acrylic can withstand up to 8 foot pounds. National Cycle uses the best material for the product design and price range. DOT and ABE approved.  National Cycle's Linking Arm hardware provides adjustment of both width and rake angle and has a high quality, polished chrome billet appearance

H: 9.0 in. (23.0 cm) W: 9.75 in. (25.0 cm)

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