Klicbag Saddlebag 34litre Capacity Saddle bag quick release locking system

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HAC Klicbag 34 Litre, (2 x 17litres) Fits with HAC Klickbag Brackets

The Patented Saddle bag quick release  locking system with integrated Grip makes installing and removing the Klicbags possible within a second. After Removing the Klicbags a small stainless steel bracket remains on your bike. The Klicbag brackets can be used with Sissy-Bars.The interior of the bag is equipped with a storage place for maps etc. and a smaller pocket with zip. The Klicbag is equipped with Quick-Release buckles, and are lockable from inside with a key to prevent any un-authorised removal from you bike.

The Klicbag can be used with all Klicbag brackets without having to change anything.

Note:  Mounting brackets not included. 

Klicbag is an advanced Quick Release Luggage system for motorcycles.

The New Klicbag saddlebags are available in a capacity of 34L and 46L , with new chromed buckles and badge, and an updated interior with features as mentionend below, and have standard 1 set of covers. Klicbag
Klic bag inner Klicbag detail klicbag handle
Klicbags are designed with many user friendly features.
All Klicbag Saddlebags have an interior with a pocket with zip, pockets for maps, documents, mobile phone and chromed buckles with Quick-Release feature.
All Klicbags can be locked to the bike from inside with a key.
The integrated grip in the locking unit at the rear of the bag makes carrying and installation on the bike very easy.
Stainless steel chromed brackets and the durable synthetic leather of the bags make it a maintenance free and weather resistant system.
All Klicbag Saddlebags come standard with a set of covers that can be used during rainfall, dusty roads or storage.
Klicbag Saddlebags are available as a 17L and 23L capacity per bag, either size bag may be used with these brackets without any modification.
Klicbag Brackets and Saddlebags work with most standard Sissybars*.
Klicbag Brackets are available for a wide range of models
Also available is the Klicbag Mini-Bag,complete with mounting bracket. A small 8,5L bag that can be used with most Steel Sissy-Bars that have a steel back plate., These bags have the same interior and features as the saddlebags mentionend above. A small bag for those who want to combine the advantages of the Klicbag-system with a sissy-bar.
(Not recommended for Aluminium Sissybars)
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