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Motorcycle Saddlebag Lawman style from Custom Cruisers 

Hand made in Belgium from Premum grade hides these are now retail over £500! grab the last set

Lawman leather motorcycle saddlebags bags are hand made in Europe, immaculately tailored and finished.  Available in a range finishes to suit all tastes.  The bags also come in a range of leathers, all top quality, however the premiere leather range is made from 4-5mm thick full hide leather the abolute best your money can buy, whereas the alternative is made from 3-4mm leather which is still top quality leather and very reasonably prices.


These bags will last a life time, they are absolute classics!


Size 34cm x 30cm

Motorcycle saddlebags Heres some more!

Top selling Magnum  saddlebag some are hard or soft quick release zip off or fixed hard or soft !  motorcycle motorbike  panniers Awesome quick release leather effect hard bags some with heat proof lower and waterproof construction! Zip off with velcro over zips quick release buckles too! last few sets then no more  bottom ! Motorcycle Accessories from Custom Cruisers Ltd