Mini Lift Motorcycle scissor jack from Custom Cruisers

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Mini Lift Motorcycle scissor jack great on its own on floor or tolift a bike on a ramp or hydraulic table or align transmission or wwheels on Flt range .

Mini Lift Motorcycle scissor jack  A mechanical very usefull  lift, often used when removing the wheels to support your bike which is moved up and down with a heavy buttress thread. Because more than 60% of all production bikes are supplied without a center stand. The Mini Lift is an indispensable part of any workshop!Mini Lift Motorcycle scissor jack  ,Harley lift ,Dynaglide lift,fatboy bike lift,sportster lift,Valkyrie lift,Crtoss roads lift,FatBob Lift ,Sportster ramp,


Normally just Pros use this but now Motorcycle enthusiasts, who work on their bikes at home, have now also discovered the Mini Lift.
Min. Height - 90mm, Max. Height - 400mm, Weight 300kg, Platform - 150 x 450mm

Motorcycle Accessories from Custom Cruisers Ltd.

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