Heli Bar Triumph Thruxton 2004-2005

Heli Modified HeliBars
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Heli Bar Triumph Thruxton 2004-2005


Also new for 2005, the Triumph Thruxton clip-on Heli Bar. Designed to dramatically increase comfort while maintaining a slight forward lean for good peg, seat, and bar dynamics. Direct replacement.




Bar Rise

Bar position has been raised 4 3/4" from the stock position. Downward angle has been reduced by 4˚ for a very natural wrist angle.

Rear Offset

We also offset the bars 1 3/4" back at the fork tubes. This is where that "just right" feel is produced.


Reservoir Mount
Included with our bars is our billet aluminum mount which locates the reservoir in the optimum position.


Billet Clamp
Our clamp design is CNC cut from solid mill spec low carbon steel. The locating bolt which positions the stock bars is retained and we have slotted the hole to allow a 2" rotation adjustment of each bar.

Bolt-on design
4 3/4 Taller
2" Rear offset, adjustable by 2"
No modification of the headlight mount required
Retains all stock cables and hydraulic lines
Silver powder coat finish
Hollow bar ends - accepts many types of bar end dampers or mirrors


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