Corbin Classic Close Solo Seat Sportster Standard 07 & Up

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Corbin Classic Close Solo Seat Sportster Standard '07 & Up HD-XL-ST-7-CS

An outstanding Classic style Solo seat for the new Sporty. Maximum rider comfort combined with a classy, nostalgic look. Provides for our removable backrest for over 13 inches of vertical back support. Our sculpted seating position gives maximized body contact and provides touring comfort. Neutralized seat platform offers an easier reach to the ground and a more ergonomic position on the bike.

Corbin's removable rider backrest is simple to install and adjusts easily to your posture. Just slide the backrest shaft into the internal hardware of the Classic Solo and lock it in place with a single bolt. You can then set the backrest where you want it and lock it in place with the easily accessible adjustment screw... no need to remove the saddle. Choose from a variety of backrest styles to suit your taste although we recommend the #02-S Ovalbac® for a balance of looks and support.

Classic solo saddle and backrest provide excellent support for riding while the shaping in the nose allows you to slide forward for ground reach at stop signs. Looks excellent with the bare fender providing a slick solo look. A chromed button head screw in the old mounting location cleans this up nicely.

We offer two models of the Classic Solo design: Standard Classic Solo provides for average and taller riders, while CLOSE Solo gives improved reach for riders of smaller stature. Close solo has a narrower nose for better reach to the pavement and a seating position closer to the bars. To choose the appropriate model, measure from the tank to where your posterior sits on the bike. Compare this to the seating measurement here:
Classic Solo: 15.00 inches
CLOSE Solo: 13.25 inches

We've incorporated a new saddle mounting system that uses a key lock. This makes it extremely simple to install and remove the seat as desired. We build this model to look sly, but use our high density Comfort Cell® foam for a firm supportive ride. Dished shaping provides good contoured support and minimizes the tendency to slide in the saddle.

Classic Solo seating: 12" wide x 15" long
Close Solo seating: 12" wide x 13.25" long
Approx. Seat height: 27"
This saddle fits
2007 & Up XL Sportster Standard (3.3 Gallon Tank)

883, 883L, 883R & 1200N (Nightster)

NOTE: Designed to fit Sportster models with the 3.3 gallon fuel tank.


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