Suzuki M1800R2 VZR1800R2 Corbin Seat M109R2 Front saddle

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Suzuki M1800R2 VZR1800R2 Seat M109R2 Front saddle Corbin S-M109R-F

Suzuki M1800R2 VZR1800R2 Corbin Seat M109R2 Front saddle

The Suzuki designers did a fantastic job on the Boulevard power cruiser and Corbin have designed a two piece saddle to enhance the looks and functionality. The saddle system can easily convert from solo to dual riding and works with your factory seat cowling. The Corbin system consists of the following components: Front Saddle, Passenger Saddle and an adjustable Passengerbackrest  option. The perfect blend of form and function that's as easy to use as turning a key.

Front Saddle: Corbin's rider seat offers improved ergonomics that give proper weight distribution. This sculpted seating area fits the shape of your body and helps to eliminate hot spots and the centralized pressure you feel from the stock unit. We sculpt this model as low as possible with a much narrower nose to provide the best ground reach possible. The platform has been neutralized to curb sliding towards the tank under braking which also helps to reduce fatigue. All this comfort is wrapped up in a package that fits perfectly to the bodywork of the bike for an integrated look and clean visual appearance.

Rider seating: 14" wide x 16" long
Approx. seat height: 26.5"

Corbin's front and rear saddles will also interchange with your stock front and rear seats.

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