Kawasaki VN2000 Corbin Dual Tour Seat

Corbin Seats
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Corbin Dual Touring Saddle

Corbin's Dual Touring Saddle provides you and a passenger with sculpted seating and long range comfort with the luxurious option of electric seating heaters. Rider's area is built up providing over seven inches of back support for the long road ahead. Built to fit perfect and add to the nostalgic appeal of the bike for custom looks with a host of decorating options. Corbin's Dual Touring saddle accepts two removable rider's backrests for maximum back support. Each backrest is fully adjustable for a tailored fit to rider posture. You can use a single backrest and transfer it front to rear as needed or you can order two backrests for full time use in your saddle. There are several styles of backrest available. In the front position, we have built in special hardware that allows for the backrest position to be adjusted fore and aft to provide for riders of different stature. This special hardware is also designed to allow the backrest to fold down out of the way to make it easier to mount your bike. Spring loaded hardware pops the backrest back up into position when you're seated.Corbin's Dual Touring Saddle also accepts the option of our chrome "V-rail" for an added nostalgic touch. The V-rail mounts directly to the Corbin saddle for simple installation that does not require drilling or special brackets. Please note the V-rail will not install into your stock seat and will most likely not work with bolt on sissy bars.

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